Life is Strange 2 – Free Trial Launch Trailer

Get Life is Strange 2 here:
The FREE TRIAL of #LifeisStrange2 launches this Thursday, March 26, on Xbox One!

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to jump into LIFE IS STRANGE 2, then today is the day: Sean and Daniel’s epic adventure is now available to trial for free!

Forced to go on the run after a terrible accident, Sean must keep his brother safe as they head towards Mexico, and a shared dream of sanctuary – and Daniel’s newly-revealed telekinetic power makes their travels even more complicated!

The five stunning Episodes of this BAFTA award-nominated adventure take the Diaz brothers on an unforgettable, beautiful, troubling journey: from the suburbs of Seattle to the towering redwoods of California, and from the dustblown highways of Nevada… to their fate on the Mexican border.

Don’t wait any longer to join them: play the FREE TRIAL now!

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