The Surge 2 – Launch Trailer | PS4

The Surge 2: Slice and dice your way to release with the brand new launch trailer!

The Surge 2’s blend of limb-chopping combat and post-apocalyptic exploration is now available everywhere on PlayStation 4. Deck13 and Focus Home Interactive are delighted to deliver a sequel enjoyable by all – either for its incredible standalone story and gameplay, or how it builds and improves upon The Surge in every way. Check out today’s Launch Trailer for just a taste of the fast-paced action.

The Surge 2 presents a harsh, sci-fi, dystopian world to explore and survive. Create your own character and decide how to approach its hardcore melee combat, putting your reactions and RPG character-building skills to the test. Deep character progression and customization lets you decide how to equip yourself and handle enemies – with many additions over the original game, including challenging but rewarding directional parries and companion drones with dozens of uses.

The Surge 2 is available today on PlayStation 4.

Rated Mature: Blood and Gore Drug Reference Intense Violence Strong Language


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